Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free trial with Kiwi?

Yes, please request a demo and we will first help you setup a demo for you to get familiarized with Kiwi. Then we will help you to start the free trial upon request.

Can I provide my franchisees different levels of access to the learning system?

Yes, you can provide different feature access to your franchises.

My company own restaurants from multiple franchises, can I use Kiwi?

Yes. Our team can help you bring multiple franchises training under one system.

Is Kiwi available outside US?

Yes, Kiwi is powered by the EDUonGo learning platform which are being used around the world including major customers in US, Europe, Australia and China.

Your pricing page shows monthly price, is there a minimum terms?

No, but one year sign-up is qualified for one month free.

I have less than 10 restaurants—can I still sign up for Kiwi?

Yes, you would purchase the “Starter” package which covers up to 10 restaurant locations.

Is there a limit to how many employees I can enroll in the system per restaurant location?

By default, 30 active employees can be enrolled per location. However, we can arrange for a higher number of enrollees if necessary.

Can Kiwi create a custom user interface for my restaurant?

We welcome custom change requests from our customers. Our technical team can help integrate third party tools, applications, features and more. Contact us for more info.

How much does it cost to create a custom user interface?

Kiwi’s default interface is included in the standard pricing (small changes to color schemes and logos do not require any additional fees). For more extensive changes, our team will provide you a quote for a custom user interface.

Does Kiwi run on the cloud?

Yes, Kiwi is runs on Amazon Web Service (AWS), which is how we’re able to serve thousands of customers across the world.

Can I host Kiwi on my own server or on any other cloud infrastructure?

Yes. However, we first discuss the licensing agreement and Statement of Work (SOW) with the customer. Please contact us if AWS does not work for you.

What courses do you provide?

Our 400+ courses are supplied by the award winning content providers we’ve partnered with. Courses include Food Safety, Customer Service, Sexual Harassment, Management training and more. Please contact us for the full course catalog.

Can I integrate my existing course materials with Kiwi?

Most of our customers can upload their course content using Kiwi’s course management tools. It supports video (MP4 format), SCORM, LTI, and other words, Office Mix, and PDF files. If you need help, we provide service to convert your material and make it compatible with Kiwi.

Does Kiwi have a mobile app?

Yes, it is a custom feature that we provide. Please note that Kiwi is HTML5-based and fully compatible with web browsers on all mobile devices. Contact us for details.

We are transitioning from traditional in-person training for our restaurant's’ expansion, can you make a suggestion?

Yes, we love to work with your team to jumpstart the project and build your training portal with Kiwi for deployment including Project Management and Testing.

We have 500+ stores, your website stated “Contact us”?

We support customers with restaurants location that has more than 10 locations. From our experience in working with our customers that has more than 150 locations, our customers wanted to work very closely with us to develop and deploy your training program as our partner. Please contact us and we want to make sure that we will meet your product requirement.


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