How is EDUonGo as an organization affected?

EDUonGo sees the GDPR as on opportunity to strengthen our commitment to protecting personal data company-wide at a global level. EDUonGo is instituting an internal Data Protection Program outlining the many ways in which EDUonGo supports the protection of personal data and ensures compliance with the GDPR (and any similar legislation). Our goal is to make EDUonGo’s data protection policies and efforts more transparent throughout our organization so employees, customers, & partners may fully understand our commitment to data protection and the related practices needed to reinforce that commitment at all levels of engagement.

Who can we reach out to for further details regarding EDUonGo's efforts in regard to GDPR compliance?

Should you have any questions on the ways in which EDUonGo is preparing for and complying with the upcoming enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation, please reach out to our Data Protection Committee by emailing us at info@eduongo.com.

Our Commitment to You and the Protection of Your Data

EDUonGo values your business. We want you to be aware of our commitment to protect the information you share in the course of doing business with us. EDUonGo complies with standing national law and international regulations regarding privacy and security issues. We have successfully completed a GDPR compliance program internally so as to be fully compliant with GDPR prior to when the new legislation comes into effect (May 25, 2018). EDUonGo uses Amazon Web Services security infrastructure at its best.

Which New Rights Do Customers Have Under GDPR?

  • Breach Notification: Timely notification of any data breach, now within 72 hours.
  • Right to Access: Complete access to a copy of all collected data, free of charge.
  • Right to be Forgotten: Ability to request erasure of all collected personal data.
  • Data Portability: Ability to request data in a usable format to transmit to another provider.
  • Privacy by Design: Expectation that providers will minimize data collection, retaining only what’s essential for task completion.
  • Data Collection Officers: Standardization of record keeping, and the potential appointment of a Data Protection Representative.

What is the difference between a data processor and a data controller?

  • A controller is the entity that determines the purposes, conditions and means of the processing of personal data.
  • A data processor is an entity which processes personal data on behalf of the controller.
  • In some instances, an organization can qualify as both.

Is EDUonGo a data processor or data controller in regard to my personal data

EDUonGo acts as a data processor (or sub-processor) for personal data provided to EDUonGo through our Customers and other third parties such as partners. If a data subject provides their personal data directly to EDUonGo (such as a website visitor, a conference attendee, an employee, etc.) EDUonGo acts as the data controller for that personal data.

Is EDUonGo prepared to handle the new data processor obligations imposed under GDPR?

For EDUonGo, keeping customer data secure is the highest priority. Along with ensuring data security, it is important that a customer’s confidence is always maintained and a high level of security around processes and protection is strongly demonstrated.

At EDUonGo, we strongly value and base our business on the trust that our customers have placed upon us and will continue to earn and reinforce that trusted relationship by cooperating with requests related to our GDPR obligations.

EDUonGo is committed to taking advanced measures to support and continuously enhance the security of our systems, to ensure that we collect and process personal data in a manner compliant with GDPR or any similar legislation. EDUonGo Management strongly believes that “IT Security/Compliance is a key Business Enabler within a cloud company” and “Information Security Objectives and Strategy must be aligned with EDUonGo's Business Objectives and Business Strategy”.

As such, EDUonGo has established a Data Protection Committee headed by our board-elected Data Protection Officer, Ridvan Aliu. The Data Protection Committee is tasked with completing EDUonGo's internal GDPR compliance initiatives well in advance of the May 2018 GDPR enforcement date.

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