Can I integrate my existing course materials with Kiwi?

Most of our customers can upload their course content using Kiwi’s course management tools. It supports video (MP4 format), SCORM, LTI, and other file formats such as Word, Office Mix, and PDF. If you need help, we have service available

Does Kiwi run in the cloud?

Yes, Kiwi runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is how we’re able to serve thousands of customers across the world.

Is there a limit to how many employees I can enroll in the system per restaurant location?

By default, up to 30 active employees can be enrolled per location. However, we can arrange for a higher number of enrollees if necessary.

Is Kiwi available outside the US?

Yes, Kiwi is powered by the EDUonGo learning platform, which is being used around the world including major customers in the US, Europe, Australia and China.

Can I get a free trial with Kiwi?

Yes, please request a demo and we will first help you set up a demo to get familiar with Kiwi. Then we will help you start the free trial upon request.