Importance of Learning and Development in the Restaurant Industry

After the economic crisis brought by the pandemic, many businesses struggled to survive and thrive in such conditions. This is particularly evident in the restaurant industry where its competitive and dynamic nature makes it even more difficult to keep the

Top 8 Benefits Of Restaurant LMS: What Should You Expect?

Every employer wants its staff to be highly trained so that their productivity level is sky-high. An untrained employee won’t be as efficient, especially in the fields where there’s at least one rush hour throughout the day. While a person

Top 10 Latest Restaurant Industry Trends to Look Out For

Nowadays, people not only pay attention to the food they're eating at a restaurant but the whole dining experience. People constantly look for different frictionless, healthy, and high-quality food alongside with other demands that are shaping some of the most

7 Tips on How to Train Your Restaurant Wait-staff

Restaurants work in such a fast dynamic pace, that one may think it is impossible to keep up. The wait staff is often left with no guidance and no opportunities for development. That is why according to The Bureau of Labor

Gamification In The Workplace: Tactics for Restaurant Gamification

If you’re looking for an easy way to spice things up in your training plan, gamification is something to look into. It might just be the easiest way to engage employees and, in turn, to impact the metrics that matter

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11 Expert Tips for Training Restaurant Staff

Many restaurant managers prefer to hire employees with prior experience assuming that they won’t need much training. However, every restaurant is unique and no two restaurants operate the same. This is why it’s important for the right training to be

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Compliance Training: All There Is To Know (Definition, Benefits, Setup)

If you were to only carry out one type of employee training program, employee compliance training should be the one to go for.Why? Because safety comes before everything else.Read on to find out why compliance training is so important, the

8 Training Tips for Restaurants to Fight Staff Turnover

Losing good employees can kill a restaurant. And no one is safe from this killer, because most restaurants struggle with turnover. The most recent employee turnover rate for restaurants, from 2016, pegged turnover at 73%. But restaurants can fight against

Restaurant Employee Training: Why Restaurant Employees Prefer eLearning When It’s Done Right

Ask an employee about their favorite part of starting a new job, and rarely will anyone say that they love training. That opinion can quickly change with the right restaurant eLearning system. With a good Learning Management System for your