What Is the Kirkpatrick Model & Why to Use It In Your LMS

In a year full of transitions in possibly all aspects of learning and teaching, the full-time online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought up the need to adjust the ways we evaluate learning and training outcomes as well. The

Importance of Learning and Development in the Restaurant Industry

After the economic crisis brought by the pandemic, many businesses struggled to survive and thrive in such conditions. This is particularly evident in the restaurant industry where its competitive and dynamic nature makes it even more difficult to keep the

What Is a Flipped Classroom and How to Make It Work Using LMS

We all have different learning styles; not all individuals learn the same. One may have a visual learning style; others may have an auditory, interpersonal, or even intrapersonal learning style. For this reason, incorporating many learning methods in the pieces

9 Best Employee Training Methods For Workplace Training

When it comes to a content and productive workforce, employers are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Many factors can contribute to accomplishing this goal, and training happens to be one of them. However, this doesn’t mean

Employee Training: Why Do You Need a Restaurant Training Manual?

One of the industries with the highest turnover rate happens to be the hospitality industry. The year 2018 was the year that recorded one of the highest staff turnover percentages ever—74,9% of the staff decided to leave the sector. This

Measuring Training Effectiveness: How to Evaluate a Training Program?

Every organization starts delivering training with the mere intention of improving their staff’s skills, increasing productivity levels, enhancing retention rates, and refining their brand. However, one thing that should be considered is how all these goals will remain bare if

6 Best Practices for Training Remote Employees

Remote working turned into a standard working environment as the number of Coronavirus cases started to rise worldwide. However, the pandemic wasn’t the only incentive why people are opting to work remotely. Yet this isn’t limited to employees only, the

What Is Social Learning?: Benefits of Adapting It to the Workplace

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Aristotle has considered us humans as “social animals,” as we truly are so. It’s not like we can’t stand alone in the world—we could—however, as social beings, we seek the companionship of others

Tracking Employee Training: Why and How Should You Track Employee Training Progress?

Many companies spend tons of money on training their staff. The main objective being the staff developing or improving the skills that they need to get by on their job. When one invests in their staff’s career development, the least

Soft Skills Training: Top 8 Soft Skills to Teach Your Employees

For quite some time, hard skills have been the yardstick with which employee success was measured. However, in the times that we’re living, this isn’t the case anymore. Employees are giving as much attention and importance to soft skills as