Mobile training is learning through mobile devices. It is the epidemy of modern training methodologies and is becoming more popular each day. The number of cellphone users in the world is expected to be 4.78 billion by 2020. Although this popularity might seem concerning to some, it shifts the focus from traditional training methods to eLearning and its many versions.

mLearning is quite different from traditional learning for many reasons. It’s flexibility and adaptability to each user makes it the perfect fit for the dynamic world of today. The training content in mobile devices is mostly interactive which makes the learner self-motivated. Mobile training comes in bite-sizes making it adaptable to microlearning as well. But mobile training is not only beneficial to the learner. The feature of tracking learning paths allows the trainer to check and measure the learner’s progress in no time.

How To Use Mobile Learning For Employee Training

Mobile training is a training method for employees that was developed recently but has gained success and popularity very quickly. The popularity of mobile learning is a factor of the flexibility that it offers and it’s adaptability to the working environment and today’s life.

Compliance training

Motivating your employees to set their main responsibilities aside to complete compliance training can be difficult. This is where mobile training come in handy. If they are able to access the training on their mobile devices they are more likely to complete it at a set time frame. Due to the flexibility of mobile learning, your employees can complete the training from anywhere, with or without a WiFi connection.

Support traditional training

In-house, traditional training can be inevitable sometimes. There are a few lessons and a few skills that require the help of a trainer or a supervisor. But that doesn’t mean that you have to ignore mobile learning completely. Often times training methodologies and tools work best if they are incorporated with one and other. This is the case with traditional and mobile training. To support and complement your in-house training, provide your employees with videos, examples, etc that they can access from their mobile devices.


Game-based training is a great way to keep your employees interested and motivated to learn. It can also provide you with great insight into how they react to certain settings and simulations. Since gamification can be so great in helping the learner and the trainer achieve their goals. Combining gamification with mobile apps can greatly make the learning experience more fun and exciting.

What Are The Key Benefits of mLearning

Mobile training is not only beneficial to the trainer but to the learner as well. Its popularity among the training industry suggests that. Here are the key benefits of mobile learning:

  • Learning on the go – One of the key benefits of mLearning is the fact that the learners can take it anywhere they go
  • Multi-device support – mLearning supports all devices that the learner needs and uses, from their mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.
  • Flexibility – The learner can take the training wherever and whenever they prefer.
  • More engaging – mLearning has proven to be more engaging and interesting to the learner than traditional learning methods.

Mobile training trends for 2019

Mobile training has proven to move very fast and adapt to the needs of trainers and learners. Here are X mobile learning trends for 2019:

  • Augmented Reality – The success of Pokemon Go has made it clear to us that augmented reality is in the future of technology. Adapting it into the learning process seems like the clear choice since people usually learn best by experience.
  • Virtual Reality – Virtual reality is another great way to make people learn faster and better. Since people learn best by doing, incorporating virtual reality into learning seems like the future.
  • Shift To The Cloud – Learning over an internet connection when information is increasing looks like the logical thing. With training being in the cloud, it becomes easier for people to access and share it.
  • Voice Assistants – Voice assistants are the future of technology and can be used in training as well. Google assistant, Siri, and Alexa can not only make our lives easier but also help us in self-development by simplifying learning.
  • AI And Machine Learning – AI and Machine learning are able to personalize our learning experience and adapt it to our preferences.
  • Mobile Apps – Mobile apps are already being widely used for the purpose of learning. They have already become the new norm in mLearning and they will continue so.

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