Videos are a popular medium to share information & opinions and to entertain people. Video is essentially an entertaining way of receiving information. Making an argument about video learning is a little hard due to its late surfacing into the training world and lack of statistics. However, with our current knowledge of learning and training methods, we can clearly understand why there are great benefits to using videos in eLearning.

Benefits of Using Video In eLearning

Despite the growing popularity of video learning, they are still new and undiscovered. People are still hesitant to use them in their training courses due to this fact. But the fact that they are undiscovered also builds a curiosity around them.


No matter their unique and undiscovered nature of them, videos have proven to keep learners engaged more than other training technologies. Videos seem to awaken our interest due to the fact that they engage our senses and attention in a new way. They are also very demonstration-friendly and give the trainer the ability to show the learner a way of doing things something so they learn practically. Not only that, but they also seem to help their lessons, especially those with a photographic memory.


According to research, the human attention span is shortening. This fact matters a great deal to every aspect of our lives, but it matters the most in shaping the way we learn. Videos have the ability to capture the learner’s attention in a new way. With that, they can reinforce the information that has previously been presented to the learner verbally.

Overall experience

The way we learn and how we feel doing it affect the amount of information we can memorize. Not only that but it can also have a say on our ability to analyze and process the information we are being presented with. Video learning is a great way to make the learning experience more enjoyable and that way help the learner and the trainer achieve success.

eLearning video production

Creating videos for your eLearning programs requires a few skills. From the developing of the ide to the finalization of the video, producing a video that will serve as training material requires attention, time, and skill. Here are a few things to keep in mind when producing videos for your eLearning program.

Keep them brief

If you’re not creating interactive videos, the best thing is to keep them short. Long videos can bore the learner and they can lose interest due to their short attention span. Videos no longer that 5 minutes seem to keep the learner’s attention and present them with the information in the best way possible. If the information you are trying to transmit requires more time try to split in two or more videos.

Make them interactive

If you are not able to fit the learning material into a 5-minute video and splitting it into two or more videos don’t make sense, try making the video interactive. You can do that by throwing in quizzes, asking questions that make them think, asking for feedback, etc.

Use a transcript

Transcripts can make it easier for learners to keep track of the information they are being presented with. They will also be able to take notes, follow your video, and refer it back if needed.

Use videos for scenarios and simulations

Videos can be a great tool to offer actual solutions to real problems and dilemmas your learners are facing. By using them to create scenarios and simulations you are offering actionable advice and information on how to deal with that.

eLearning video examples

During the developing of your idea for the video, you will have the option to decide what kind and style of video to develop. The style of video can depend on the content of your training and the industry you are on. If you are met with this dilemma, here are six kinds of videos you can choose from.

  • Animated videos featuring infographics and text.
  • Story based videos featuring people
  • Explainer videos
  • Explainer videos combined with animations and a story
  • Videos using Kinetic text
  • Interactive videos
  • Tutorials

Why use video in eLearning

Video eLearning is yet an unfamiliar way of learning and training. However, the benefits of incorporating it in our day-to-day learning experiences are promising. The creative options in creating videos for learning purposes make them intriguing and the results have our attention.

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