E-learning is one of the newest ways to share knowledge. Technology advancements have made the learning process easier, more effective and easily accessible. This has driven the creation of different learning management systems, in order to keep the process as clean, simple and organized as possible.   

Good eLearning is difficult to do

While eLearning makes the learning process easier and simple, that doesn’t mean that it is simple in itself. E-courses and LMSs are quite difficult to develop because they take time, money, and a good amount of expertise. They require a good development team, a good design, a technical support team, and of course the learning materials that the users are looking for. These materials can be presented in many formats like text, imagery, video, or audio.  

eLearning Benefits

While E-learning technology might be hard to develop, it still worth the investments. This training method has many direct and indirect benefits from eLearning, not only for the employees but for everyone involved.

Convenient and flexible access

eLearning is very much about inclusivity, accessibility, and convenience. Its ability to reach many different people, anywhere at any time, makes e-learning one of the most flexible training methods. Most e-learning programs have flexible access meaning that you can listen, read, or watch the materials anytime, wherever you are. This makes it convenient for the people creating them and receiving them.


eLearning is not inexpensive, not at all. Most eLearning platforms take time and good money to create and develop. But they are definitely worth the investment. Training, in general, can be really expensive. We are talking about secondary expenses here. Now imagine not having to pay traveling expenses, catering, venues, training materials, etc. Now imagine you can reuse and update your courses with little expenses. This is all e-learning is about. Making it easier for people to share and receive knowledge. With an easy budget plan for your employee training LMS, you’ll be able to see exactly what you need to spend where.

Customs different learning styles

Employees and people, in general, have different learning styles. Some learn best by listening, some prefer reading on their own, while others might learn best by doing. Since there are different and unique learning styles, it is more than necessary for there to different training methods. E-learning is one that can adapt and be customized for many different people. With visuals, sounds, writing, and those combined, e-learning can fit many.

Measurable results and reporting

eLearning has made it very easy for us to keep track of training progress and report the results. A good way to make training more effective is to measure results create reports based on the progress. This is another thing that is beneficial, not only to the employees but also to the people preparing the training. LMSs make it possible to do these things with little to no effort. They also make it easy to store and manage these data.

Interactivity, collaboration, and team building

A good LMS makes it possible for people doing the training to communicate and collaborate. Team building is a core process that is vital to the success of the company. Giving your employees the ability to work together and create a team spirit is one of the best benefits coming out of e-learning.


This advanced training method makes it easier for your employees to give feedback on their experience with the learning materials and the whole experience in general. Having a general idea about how effective your training is can help you make it even better.

The disadvantages of eLearning

E-learning can no fit all. Of course, it is not going to be adaptable to all kinds of learning, industry, and niche. The good for sure outweighs the bad but the disadvantages are important to mention.

No self-discipline

People who find it hard to concentrate on their own will have a difficult time with e-learning. Self-discipline is a key component to having a successful experience with e-learning. The lack of concentration can also be a factor of the quality of the materials, the chosen style of the training, and the industry in which you operate, but it is also a factor of one’s own motivation and desire to learn.

In a dynamic and busy life, e-learning can bring us closer to information, but it can also distance us from it. People might neglect the importance of certain training and put it off for a long period of time. Many people find it much easier to interact directly with people doing the training, ask questions and go through that process with other people.

No face-to-face interaction

A disadvantage of e-learning is definitely the lack of face to face interactions. It can be hard for people, especially extroverts to complete training, alone in their room, without being able to see the people transmitting them the materials, ask questions, and feel like they’re apart of something. Some companies look to improve their employee’s social skills during training. That is another reason why e-learning might not fit them, and why it might not give them all they want.

Lack of input from trainers

E-learning can get quite automated. While the method has its benefits, it definitely lacks on the trainer input front. Personal experiences with topics on training can be very beneficial for the employees. Also, momentary questions and situations can serve as learning experiences. This is definitely something e-learning does not have, but it is also something that not everyone needs.

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