How eLearning Benefits Employee Training and Development

E-learning is one of the newest ways to share knowledge. Technology advancements have made the learning process easier, more effective and easily accessible. This has driven the creation of different learning management systems, in order to keep the process as

Restaurant Employee Training: Why Restaurant Employees Prefer eLearning When It’s Done Right

Ask an employee about their favorite part of starting a new job, and rarely will anyone say that they love training. That opinion can quickly change with the right restaurant eLearning system. With a good Learning Management System for your

8 Popular Employee Training Methods

Lifelong learning is an important element of successful companies that move with the trends, innovations,  and have agile systems. Companies that don’t invest in their human resources are usually set to have unmotivated employees and huge employee turnover. To improve

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As we work through the first quarter of 2018, it's time to look ahead to the trends that will help shape the future of eLearning in restaurant employee training. While a few of these trends might seem familiar, much of

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When you budget for a new Learning Management System, there are many considerations involved other than just the initial purchase of the system. This article unpacks what those are and how to evaluate each as you move forward with your

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The cloud helps alleviate many of the IT burdens and complexities that have long plagued businesses. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ways it eliminates specific costs and meets some important needs associated with employee

Protect Your Restaurant with Compliance Training

To build a thriving restaurant business, proper compliance training must be in place. It establishes the safeguards and standards that will keep your business on track. Providing the appropriate training will empower your employees and cultivate a workplace culture that

Why Cybersecurity isn’t Just for IT Departments—Basic Ways To Integrate it Into Employee Training

Cybersecurity isn’t just the IT department’s responsibility. Everyone within an organization should be equipped with the education they need to detect risks and know what steps they can take to mitigate them. How To Empower Your Employees With Cybersecurity Knowledge

5 eLearning Challenges That Trip Up Restaurant Employee Training, And How To Solve Them

In this article, I delve into 5 top challenges restaurant chains encounter when considering eLearning for their employee training. I also explain the practical steps you can take to handle each issue and be on your way to successful restaurant