Gamification In The Workplace: Tactics for Restaurant Gamification

If you’re looking for an easy way to spice things up in your training plan, gamification is something to look into. It might just be the easiest way to engage employees and, in turn, to impact the metrics that matter

What Is Blended Learning: Definition, Models & Benefits

The rise of technology and its ever-continuing advancement has turned us all toward online learning. We’ve been hearing about it for years now, what it is, how beneficial it can be, and how it can replace the traditional brick-and-mortar education.

9 Best Employee Training Methods For Workplace Training

When it comes to a content and productive workforce, employers are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Many factors can contribute to accomplishing this goal, and training happens to be one of them. However, this doesn’t mean

9 Most Effective Training Techniques for Trainers

So you've got all the skills and characteristics needed to conduct your employee training. You know you are an excellent communicator, very well organized and that you possess significant knowledge about the industry. However, regardless of your qualities, if you

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11 Expert Tips for Training Restaurant Staff

Many restaurant managers prefer to hire employees with prior experience assuming that they won’t need much training. However, every restaurant is unique and no two restaurants operate the same. This is why it’s important for the right training to be

How To Use Mobile Training For Your Employees

Mobile training is learning through mobile devices. It is the epidemy of modern training methodologies and is becoming more popular each day. The number of cellphone users in the world is expected to be 4.78 billion by 2020. Although this

Self-Paced Learning: Meaning & Benefits

Why is self-paced eLearning dominating modern employee training?Definition of Self-Paced LearningAccording to Business Dictionary, self-paced learning is defined like this:Teach-yourself method of learning that is initiated and directed by the learner.What is Self-Paced Learning? Self-paced learning is a learning method

5 eLearning Trends To Watch For Your Restaurant Employee Training In 2018

As we work through the first quarter of 2018, it's time to look ahead to the trends that will help shape the future of eLearning in restaurant employee training. While a few of these trends might seem familiar, much of

Exploring The Learning Management System Market

Companies and schools alike are looking for turn-key solutions to help them make the leap from paper to digital. With hundreds of LMSs on the Learning Management System market, how do you start the journey of finding the right one?