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Compliance Training: All There Is To Know (Definition, Benefits, Setup)

If you were to only carry out one type of employee training program, employee compliance training should be the one to go for.Why? Because safety comes before everything else.Read on to find out why compliance training is so important, the

How To Use Mobile Training For Your Employees

Mobile training is learning through mobile devices. It is the epidemy of modern training methodologies and is becoming more popular each day. The number of cellphone users in the world is expected to be 4.78 billion by 2020. Although this

8 Training Tips for Restaurants to Fight Staff Turnover

Losing good employees can kill a restaurant. And no one is safe from this killer, because most restaurants struggle with turnover. The most recent employee turnover rate for restaurants, from 2016, pegged turnover at 73%. But restaurants can fight against

The Benefits of Video eLearning and How to Create Them

Videos are a popular medium to share information & opinions and to entertain people. Video is essentially an entertaining way of receiving information. Making an argument about video learning is a little hard due to its late surfacing into the

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Top 10 Types of Employee Training Programs

Whether a company has hired new employees, launched a new product, or simply wants to keep their employees safe, employee training programs are needed all the time. The right training enables employees to perform well on their jobs at all

What is Experiential Learning and Why It is The Future Of Learning

Experiential learning is one of the first learning methods people have acknowledged. It is the way people before us have learned to do everything. Experiential learning means learning by doing and is the basis for team building and employee training

Pros and Cons of Blended Learning in Corporate Training

The simplest way I can think of defining blended learning is as a combination of offline and online learning. Learners nowadays need an interactive environment to learn in, which a learning platform provides, but they also need a sense of

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8 Effective Strategies to Improve Employee Performance

Organizations depend on employees to be successful, and employees’ productivity depends on how the organization treats them… There can be other reasons for this but it’s no good news when employees underperform.Therefore, as soon as noticed, improving employee performance should

The Importance of Soft Skills In The Workplace: 11 Skills You Must Teach Your Employees

Soft skills are essential for a business, and although they may be called soft, they are actually hard to develop. But since research has found that 75% of long-term job success comes down to people skills and not technical knowledge, you

Self-Paced Learning: Meaning & Benefits

Why is self-paced eLearning dominating modern employee training?Definition of Self-Paced LearningAccording to Business Dictionary, self-paced learning is defined like this:Teach-yourself method of learning that is initiated and directed by the learner.What is Self-Paced Learning? Self-paced learning is a learning method