What Is eLearning?: A 101 Guide on Everything You Need to Know About eLearning

There’s no denying that technology has had a significant impact on every aspect of our lives, be that personal or professional. When it comes to professional life, many companies have even adjusted their workplace, workload, and other important processes to

Pros and Cons of Online Learning: What Makes Online Learning Worth It?

For years now, online learning has become a part of many course offerings by countless universities around the globe. All these thanks to the technological advancements achieved in the last few decades. One can easily say that getting a degree,

Tracking Employee Training: Why and How Should You Track Employee Training Progress?

Many companies spend tons of money on training their staff. The main objective being the staff developing or improving the skills that they need to get by on their job. When one invests in their staff’s career development, the least

Learner Autonomy 101: Everything You Need to Know About Autonomy Learning

The concept of autonomy is used in various aspects of life, and it can be used in many different contexts. When it comes to work, autonomy can mean having a certain degree of freedom to make decisions, but what meaning

Soft Skills Training: Top 8 Soft Skills to Teach Your Employees

For quite some time, hard skills have been the yardstick with which employee success was measured. However, in the times that we’re living, this isn’t the case anymore. Employees are giving as much attention and importance to soft skills as

Top 8 Benefits Of Restaurant LMS: What Should You Expect?

Every employer wants its staff to be highly trained so that their productivity level is sky-high. An untrained employee won’t be as efficient, especially in the fields where there’s at least one rush hour throughout the day. While a person

Employee Recognition in the Workplace: Why Is It Important & How to Use It Effectively

When it comes to effective management, employee recognition seems to be one of the main factors that impact a particular company's well-running. Successful businesses are aware that the more gratitude their employees receive, the better their performance will be. Well,

How Has Covid-19 Affected the Workplace?: Workplace Training & Development

The year 2020 has undoubtedly been quite difficult for every single person in the world. Yet, it has been especially challenging for businesses worldwide. The economy, among many other aspects, was heavily affected by this unprecedented health crisis. Many changes

Top 10 Latest Restaurant Industry Trends to Look Out For

Nowadays, people not only pay attention to the food they're eating at a restaurant but the whole dining experience. People constantly look for different frictionless, healthy, and high-quality food alongside with other demands that are shaping some of the most

Continuous Learning: The Definitive Guide (2019)

In today’s business culture, nothing is permanent except for change. Companies continuously compete in keeping up with the latest technologies and are constantly looking for ways to upgrade their systems.One of the best proven techniques to achieve sustained growth in this