What Is Social Learning?: Benefits of Adapting It to the Workplace

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Aristotle has considered us humans as “social animals,” as we truly are so. It’s not like we can’t stand alone in the world—we could—however, as social beings, we seek the companionship of others

Continuous Learning: The Definitive Guide (2019)

In today’s business culture, nothing is permanent except for change. Companies continuously compete in keeping up with the latest technologies and are constantly looking for ways to upgrade their systems.One of the best proven techniques to achieve sustained growth in this

5 Technology Trends Shaping eLearning and Taking Employee Training to Another Level

We know we’ve been raging about eLearning, but we genuinely believe it is the future - actually, no, scratch that - it is the present of learning, and it’s not going anywhere soon. In fact, new technology trends arise every

What Is mLearning and How Do We Put It To Use in LMS?

Which one is the electronic gadget you use most during the day? What about the one you’re reading this article on right now, listened to your last podcast, or watched an informative video on? Let me guess: your phone?While staying

How eLearning Benefits Employee Training and Development

E-learning is one of the newest ways to share knowledge. Technology advancements have made the learning process easier, more effective and easily accessible. This has driven the creation of different learning management systems, in order to keep the process as

9 Best Employee Training Methods For Workplace Training

When it comes to a content and productive workforce, employers are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Many factors can contribute to accomplishing this goal, and training happens to be one of them. However, this doesn’t mean

9 Most Effective Training Techniques for Trainers

So you've got all the skills and characteristics needed to conduct your employee training. You know you are an excellent communicator, very well organized and that you possess significant knowledge about the industry. However, regardless of your qualities, if you

8 Popular Employee Training Methods

Lifelong learning is an important element of successful companies that move with the trends, innovations,  and have agile systems. Companies that don’t invest in their human resources are usually set to have unmotivated employees and huge employee turnover. To improve

6 Best Practices for Training Remote Employees

Remote working turned into a standard working environment as the number of Coronavirus cases started to rise worldwide. However, the pandemic wasn’t the only incentive why people are opting to work remotely. Yet this isn’t limited to employees only, the

How Has Covid-19 Affected the Workplace?: Workplace Training & Development

The year 2020 has undoubtedly been quite difficult for every single person in the world. Yet, it has been especially challenging for businesses worldwide. The economy, among many other aspects, was heavily affected by this unprecedented health crisis. Many changes